Vicki Gates, PSA

Vicki works in watercolor and pastels, her favorite subjects being still life and landscapes. Vicki is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America.  The beauty that surrounds us and is often overlooked in our daily lives is what inspires Vicki.  She strives to capture that elusive beauty and maybe make someone more aware of the world around them.

Please click any of the images below for a  larger view


    Getting Along Swimmingly

10x8 image  21.5x19.5 framed
pastel $550 

Cherries II

9x12 image  15x18 framed

    pastel $500

 Dusk at Low Tide

16x20 image  22x26 framed
  pastel $1200




  Building Clouds II

14x10 image  26x21 framed
pastel $675

  Going to Edisto

12x9 image  22.75x19.75 framed

   pastel $600

  Morning Flight

14x10 image  26x22 framed

  pastel $650




Path From the Beach

20x16 image  26x22 framed
 pastel  $950

Window Shopping on King

13.5x9.5 image  22x18.5 framed
pastel  $675 

 Great Blue Heron

9x6 image  15.25x12.25 framed





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