Paige Morehead

Paige, a Nashville native, has been using art as her creative vehicle to express her passions for many years. What was once a hobby has become a lifestyle for Paige. The artist says, ďAs far back as I can remember, there has always been a passion in my heart for art and music.Ē 

Moreheadís inspirations range from artists such as Sterling Strauser, to the great masters such as Matisse, Monet, and Degas.  These influences, among many others, have given her the tools to fashion a unique style of her own.  By using a palette knife to create thick textured visions, and infusing earth tones mixed with vibrant color, accompanied with a high gloss finish, the artistís work comes alive in any setting.

Please click any of the images below for a  larger view


   Beautiful Gathering

24x20 image  28x24 framed   
acrylic on canvas  $1400


    Strike a Pose

30x15 image  34x19 framed

    acrylic on canvas  $1100


Fancy Dress

30x15 image  34x19 framed

    acrylic on canvas  $1100


Bright Cardinal
              10x10  acrylic on panel  $500              

    Pleasantly Perched

10x10  acrylic on panel  $500 

     Peaceful Moment
10x10  acrylic on panel  $500

        Fields of Joy

30x30 image  34x34 framed

    acrylic on canvas  $2000


          Blushing Bouquet

20x20 image  24x24 framed

    acrylic on canvas  $1200


     Summer Vibrations

16x12 image  21x17 framed

    acrylic on canvas  SOLD

From the Garden

18x18  acrylic on canvas SOLD

        Striking Bouquet

16x16 image  21x21 framed

   acrylic on canvas  SOLD

Striped Vase

40x30   acrylic on pane  SOLD  

Remembrance of Autumn

24x20 image  29x25 framed

   acrylic on canvas  SOLD

Looking into the Future

40x40  acrylic on panel

Bulls Eye

40x30  acrylic on panel


Colorful Dog

6x12   acrylic on pane

  Flavorful Bone

10x10   acrylic on panel



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