Joan A. Davis

As primarily a landscape painter, Joan speaks of herself as a colorist. She paints in an impressionist style, accentuating light and shadows thus creating harmony throughout her work. Her paintings convey drama and are often said to be poetic in feeling. In her vision a painting should evoke excitement, lift the spirit and most of all involve the viewer’s emotions. Joan’s love of painting is part of her being, harmoniously portraying nature as she interprets it to share with others.

For Joan travel nurtures fresh perspective, giving inspiration and energizing experimentation. Her work reflects Italy, France, England, Scotland and the United States. She most often paints on location and loves to incorporate figurative work in a landscape or in an interior atmosphere. 


The Wonder of Clouds

oil on canvas
48 x 48 image

Instellar Space

mixed media on canvas
36 x 30 image


Day’s End

mixed medium 30x30




oil on canvas
12 x 16 image


Morning Glory

10x8 image 
20x18 framed oil

Tuscany Scenic Pleasure

oil on canvas
16 x 20 image



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