Throughout history artists have used nude figures to celebrate the human body�its beauty and complexities.  ESSENCE is the result of Adams's search to find the exceptional inward nature of her  subject, the female form, and through  the use of color, texture and stylistic lost and found edges, she successfully communicates its very �essence�.

Adams graduated from Lesley College, Cambridge MA, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree and a teaching certificate.   After various non-art related endeavors, Adams followed her passion for art.  Using her drawing, painting and sculpting skills  she concentrated on creating with a specific goal. �If I am able to reveal the inward significance of my subject through my work then I feel I have succeeded in my effort�, says the artist.

Laurie has received multiple awards and continues to be featured in prestigious venues; widely collected, her  paintings can be found in private and corporate collections throughout the world.

 ESSENCE� by Laurie Yeates Adams will be on exhibit throughout the months of October and November.  A resident of Hendersonville, NC, the artist will be at the opening reception to meet the public. 

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