March, 2017


Spring Brings to Mind

Buds, Blossoms, Boats, Bunnies and More…

Opening Friday, March 3rd

5:00 – 8:00 PM

An evolving exhibit to run through April 29th

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Please stop by the gallery to see more of Spring’s Finery and check back
with the website as more images are added.


Majestic Iris
 24x24  oil

M. Jeannette Cooper

    Following the Path

23.5x19.5 framed  pastel

      Vicki Gates PSA

Reflections of Spring

26x22 framed  pastel

      Elaine Hruska


Spring in Venice - The Canal

      10x8 framed  acrylic

   Debra Keirce

 Late to Market

  24x24  acrylic

Bruce Nellsmith


30.5x24.5 framed  oil

      Bruce Scanlon


They Can’t See Me

   20x16  oil

     Mary Veazie


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