COLORing Outside the Lines

 Karen Alley

 October 3 – November 30, 2014


Charlotte, NC artist Karen Alley opens her first solo show in Charleston at the Ellis-Nicholson Gallery with COLORing Outside the Lines on October 3, 2104. The artist says, “COLORing Outside The Lines has always suggested non-conformity to me, and that is what I am constantly thinking about when designing my paintings.  Whether it is an unexpected color, or view, or brushstroke, I always want something to be out of the ordinary – colored outside of the lines!” 

The landscapes and waterscapes seen in this collection were designed to make the viewer stop, look, and take in the energy they create.  That energy can be found in the usage of bold color, the angle of the view, or a random red tree! Alley’s deft use of brushwork, along with lots of palette knife and the occasional finger paint serves only to enhance this energy.

To see more of Karen's COLORing Outside the Lines please go to her artist's page.


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