Elaine Hruska


An impressionist pastel artist, Hruska, drew her inspiration from the same source as the great impressionist masters...Japan. With 19th century globalization, Japanese art widely influenced many impressionist artists. Elaine’s love of Japan developed over a period of 20 years. After many visits, she began to understand and appreciate the Japanese celebration of the beauty of nature.  

Like the impressionists, through the medium of pastel, the artist records the beauty of flowers, birds and other scenes from nature with rich, vibrant colors. Like the Japanese painters, she expresses the natural cycle and inevitability of change, fundamental concepts of Shinto and Buddhism. The artist says, “I became influenced by beliefs intrinsic to Shintoism, which embraces the spiritual power and energy of nature and compels me to search for the individual spirit and personality of each tree, plant and flower.” Capturing the spirit as well as the “personality” of the landscape she is painting, Elaine’s pastels depict beauty of the deepest kind.

Please click any of the images below for a  larger view


 Sitting Pretty

20x16 image  27.5x24.5 framed
 pastel  $1900

   Captivating Sunrise

18x24 image  25x30 framed

  pastel  $3100



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